Interested in knowing how your business can improve when it comes to digital media? Contact us and we’ll check out your website, social media, and advertising for you! You’ll get a copy of the audit with some suggestions on how to improve.

We will completely makeover and/or creat your social media pages for you! That includes new logos/avatars, full set-up, etc!

Our Search Engine Optimization services make sure to get your website ranked on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. and bring in more traffic!

Today, having an effective website is necessary for businesses! We build top quality websites that are easy to use, easy to find and easy on the eyes.

We offer full-service social media management services. Transform your social media and online presence with high-quality content, daily activity, and more followers, which translates to more customers.

Our social media advertising services are designed to accelerate brand and business growth. By advertising through social media, you will see results at lower costs than before.

DeWitt Designs is a full-service digital agency out of Buffalo, New York. Our number one priority are driving customers and/or clients to your business. We grew up using social media, so we know the best, most effective ways to post quality. Our company uses only the best strategy, technology and content in order to keep your brand as relevant as possible.

Our Services Include:

  • Free Website & Social Media Evaluations
  • Web Design Services
  • Full Social Media Management Services
  • Social Media Advertising Services
  • Online Advertising Services
  • Logo/Graphic Design Services
  • Social Media Makeovers
  • Search Engine Optimization Services
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